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All The Fat Children Perform in Bengaluru This Week

Dec 17, 07:47pm

The Bengaluru rock band talks about their latest release ‘Somebody Else’
 Photo Courtesy: All the Fat Children

There’s apparently more than what meets the eye on Bengaluru rock act All the Fat Children’s new music video for ‘Somebody Else’. A plain old performance video, frontman Eben Johnson says there’s a reason they chose a white background. He adds cryptically, “For those who like to read between the lines, there’s more to why we decided to go for a white background.”

While talking about the straight-up rock & roll song’s lyrical content about living fast and dying young, Johnson says it was written during their college days. He told us, “We were basically looking for a purposeful life. Trying to balance the negativity of being in a white room, with possibilities of painting it with all sorts of colour and forgetting that it was a room in the first place. If that made any sense...” Looks like a connection is forming here, but the song comes at a time when the band has completed seven years together. Johnson says there are occasional fights and arguments, but they choose to see it as “comedy and entertainment.” He jokes about finding a way to work with fellow band members, “If Vicky (Kiran, bassist) doesn’t agree to something, we buy him some kebabs and beverage and convince him over that. Sorted!”

The band has plans to release more singles and music videos, but are still divided about putting together an album. Fresh from their Great Indian Rock Pre-Gig in November, the band performs at another pre-gig for music festival Mighty Rock Union on December 18 at Pebble, Bengaluru. We’re hoping the band has a break during their set, just so that Johnson has enough time to bring out the secret weapon – his bindi-wearing, dress-draping avatar.

All the Fat Children perform at the Mighty Rock Union Pre-Gig on December 18 at Pebble, Bengaluru. More details on the Facebook event page.

Watch the video for ‘Somebody Else’ 

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