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Day For Women Through Metal Will Make You Think- Listen

Mar 08, 05:22pm

Metal giants Zygnema release brand new single with a music video 
 Photo Courtesy: Zygnema

Mumbai based metal music heavyweights Zygnema have released a brand new single titled 'I AM NOTHING' with a heart wrecking music video that is nothing less than the truth forgotten or bypassed. The song takes a direct shot at this country's rising and unstoppable rape culture. “All we do is watch, read, share, show virtual support and forget. This directly equates us of being helpless proving the politicians right. Justice is never delayed. It is Denied”, says guitar player Sidharth Kadadi.



Refreshing to hear the band experimenting and incorporating new sounds on this new track. The moorsing and didgeridoo sounds sonically feels relevant and adds to the gravity of the context. The music video is directed by Anup Chavan, Adrian Fernandes & Digifakeer R.A.T

“Silent Protest- is all I get until the trends end.

We are, we are the falling of your moral standing”

- I Am Nothing- Zygnema


Watch music video of "I Am Nothing" below:


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