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Dualist Inquiry's New EP Release: Natural Disasters

Sep 09, 03:13pm

Delhi based electro rock act Dualist Inquiry, released its latest four track EP, Natural Disasters, online for free download on Bandcamp. We spoke to guitarist and founder, Sahej Bakshi, about the EP and his future plans.

Delhi based electro rock maestro Sahej Bakshi – a.k.a. Dualist Inquiry – released his latest EP, Natural Disasters, up for stream and free download online on Bandcamp. The four-track EP features an interesting perspective from a songwriting point of view, as opposed to DI’s previous songwriting style. “I actually composed a lot of the songs on an acoustic guitar first,” Sahej told us, “And, finished the songs there. And then, started producing it electronically; so I thought if it sounds so good on an acoustic it’ll probably sound great on an electric as well.” Natural Disasters is DI’s first EP release since the popular debut full length album, Doppelganger – released in March last year.

When he’s not touring and gigging, Sahej spends all of his time at home working on his music – having worked out close to twelve or thirteen songs, just in the three months since February this year. So, we asked him about the idea behind releasing an EP as opposed to another LP; he said, “I felt like I wanted to release like a ‘quality over quantity’ kind of thing. I could’ve easily put out like seven or eight songs, and called it a full length album. But I just wasn’t feeling the other songs as much. I thought let me do something, and do it well rather than go all out.”

The EP was released via Dualism Records, and recorded at Sahej’s home studio; save for the vocal tracks, which were recorded with Keshav Dhar. Sahej maintained that the EP is a follow up to his album, keeping in mind that he does not want to leave a huge gap between music releases. This in turn has him already working on an upcoming full length album, completed half way through. He said, “I’m just trying to keep up the flow of music, and not keep a long gap between this and the next release.”

Natural Disasters' upcoming launch gigs are listed below:

Mumbai - BlueFrog on September 12
Pune - BlueFrog on September 13
Delhi - Moonshine on September 19.
Bangalore - Humming Tree on September 20

Stream Natural Disasters by Dualist Inquiry below:

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