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FuzzCulture Go International

Oct 11, 10:23pm

The Delhi electro rock duo have shows lined up in Dubai and Reunion Island, with a new music video in the works to promote their album ‘NO’ 
 Photo Courtesy: Universal Music India

If you need a benchmark for success when it comes promoting an album, look no further than Delhi electro rock duo FuzzCulture, who released their full-length album NO earlier this year and have played 30 shows in the last four months across the country. And just like their loud and relentless style of electronica, there’s no time to stop the party. Vocalist/guitarist Arsh Sharma told us, “We’re hoping to move things at an even faster pace as time goes along.”

They cycled through their share of gigs in the Delhi area, so FuzzCulture made it a point to head out pretty much everywhere else – whether it was Shillong, Hyderabad or London and South East Asia in the past. In October and December, they’re heading out to The Music Room in Dubai on October 16 and later in the year, Kabar D’O in Reunion Island on December 18. Sharma says it all comes down to networking, “Mostly it’s just making friends with people and promoters from different parts of the world and following up with them, we’ve been lucky to be invited to play at some of these places and we hope to maintain these relationships for a while to come.”

While more shows in Reunion Island are in the works, along with a possible Asia tour in 2016, FuzzCulture are never afraid to travel for one-off shows, although they are quick to point out that they’ve usually stuck with tours of Malaysia and the UK last year. Drummer Srijan Mahajan adds, “I think we're OK with the finances of the whole thing and as long as we're not losing money, we love going to a new place and play some gigs.”

In addition to gigs, FuzzCulture are also working on their third music video off NO, for the song ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, due in December. They’re also working on material for a third release slated for 2016. Mahajan says, “There's a lot cooking right now and we're focussing on a writing our next record, collaborating with some artists for a few singles and wrapping up a concept for a new music video.

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