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Metal Gets a Headstart This Week

Jan 02, 01:31pm

Whether it’s Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai or Bengaluru, metal is kicking off in the first week of the new year 
 Photo Courtesy: Vijay Kate

Step aside EDM, you had your fun all through December. The first ten days of the new year looks heavier than ever, with metal gigs scheduled to take place in five cities – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Kochi. To tell you just how brutal it’s going to get, these shows are headlined by the likes of Undying Inc., Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos, Gutslit and more. Here’s a quick rundown of gigs near you:

Impending Doom VI in Bengaluru

January 3, Vapour

It’s not just a regular old tribute gig that Bengaluru metal veterans Kryptos are getting on stage for – they will pledge allegiance to Metallica with an hour-long set. Also on the line-up are Mumbai metal act Primitiv, who are launching their heavy-as-bones debut album Immortal & Vile, with support from Kerala thrash metallers Amorphia and grind band Nauseate.

RSVP on their event page on Facebook.

Reverse Scenario in Pune

January 9, Classic Rock Coffee Co.

Delhi groove metallers Undying Inc, death metal band Gutslit (playing their last gig with vocalist Aditya Barve, who’s going on a hiatus to concentrate on his full-time job), Trivandrum thrash metal act Chaos and local crowd-pullers such as Halahkuh, Dark Helm, Dead Exaltation and melodeath band Last Rituals.

RSVP on their event page on Facebook.

Thunderstorm 2.0 in Mumbai

January 9, Goa Portuguesa

It’s about time The Demonstealer took some time off from promoting his upcoming solo album and hit the stage with Demonic Resurrection. The Mumbai extreme metal band are headliners at the second edition of the Thane metal event, which also includes sets by symphonic black metal band Cosmic Infusion, doom metallers Dirge, round two for Primitiv, death metal band Killchain and more.

RSVP on their event page on Facebook.

Dirty Ego in Hyderabad

January 9, Houz of Blues

Hyderabad likes it’s metal as crusty and extreme as possible and that’s why they’ve got one ear-grating line-up, from Bengaluru’s Escharified to Hyderabad metallers Primal Abuse to more of the catchy groovy stuff like Chennai old school metallers Vidyut and thrash/groove band Asylum from Mumbai, among others.

More event details here.

Infernal Fest in Kochi

January 9, Q8PAC

This is about as underground as it gets for Kochi, who are hosting Bengaluru bands such as black metal act Antakrit to death metallers Necrophilia and melodic death metal act Terminus Exitium and local bands such as vedic metallers Wings of Vayraag, Brusque and Occultism.

RSVP on their event page on Facebook.

Bevar Sea Live in Bengaluru

January 10, BFlat Bar

Bengaluru’s very own stoner/doom metal band have been laying a bit low after their one-off launch gig for their second album Invoke the Bizarre. They’re back this week to bring out their signature slow, dense riffs, but surprisingly, at the BFlat Bar in Bengaluru, which is usually home to jazz and blues bands in the city. No harm in turning it up a notch. 

More details on the band's Facebook page.

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