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No Guest List For Bengaluru

Feb 01, 04:00am

No Guest List travels to Bengaluru, within the three months from the debut edition.

Close to 100 people turned up to the debut edition of No Guest List, the newest live music concept that began in Mumbai. With a little help from friends, two young far-from-relaxed bodies were hustling from one corner to the other of the newly opened Above The Habitat in Mumbai. The concept was new, there would be no guest list for the entry. Every attendee had to pay the entrance fee, a practice the creators of No Guest List hope to extend throughout the scene. The DIY effort, in its first edition, has kick-started a movement (of sorts), believe the founders and expect this to be implemented at large by its counterparts too.


The multi-award winning groove metal band The Down Troddence will be one of the four performing bands.


Unlike the first edition that featured alternative rock bands Blakc, Gumbal and Tort, and multi-genre experimental act Runt, the second edition will feature heavier sounds, mainly metal bands. "The idea is to provide sounds that we've been personally hooked to," says Prasad Iyer, the co-founder of No Guest List. The Bengaluru edition will also host local modern metallers Kaihon. The five piece act that released its debut EP less than a year caught the founders' attention soon after. Also unlike the first edition, NGL 2.0 has ensured multiple city representations. Gujarat's prog-instrumental outfit Labyrinth and Pune's hardcore/crust punk act False Flag comprises the other half of the second edition's line-up.


What started as a result of an accidental outcome has led to two editions in less than three months and the two young founders believe the metal line-up was intentional keeping the city's consistent metal fanbase and the initiative's ideology to spread the 'No Guest List' culture to as many cities as they can.


As two founders, who began their work volunteering for active live music entities or outings like Control ALT Delete, ennui.BOMB, Mixtape and Submerge, Iyer and partner Karan Yadav gradually realised one of the aspects that acts as one portion of the wounded 'indie live scene' - the guest list culture. "Every kind of music has value. And no, you do not deserve to listen to it live for free. The amount of time and efforts that the bands and organisers execute just to put up a show that lasts for 3 hours is unimaginable. Musicians have to pay the rent and live life off their passions, and as consumers, we cannot take that away from them. No Guest List or not, I hope to see a time where the concept of guest list or free live music becomes obsolete," emphasises Iyer.


"The primary reason being there are still those obnoxious and ever-hungry 'guest list' people at gigs looking for free entry irrespective. The gig encourages music fans to wholeheartedly support the efforts put into making the gig happen," adds Iyer, whose exposure to live music ranges from music festivals to artist management.


What remains similar to the first edition is the association with MyTape and Studio Fuzz. The association will release its second compilation album featuring music gathered from across India through a call for entries online.


NGL Mixtape one is available to download at no cost here: www.mytape.in/mixtape/ngl1


Gig date: 4 February, Sunday

Venue: Indigo XP

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