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Oh, Rocket Release Debut EP

Oct 20, 02:45pm

Kolkata-based electronic indie pop duo Oh,Rocket recently relased their debut EP, The Clouds Woke No Clocks. Gaining amazing popularity in the short time that the band's been around, Oh,Rocket told us about their experience playing at Ziro, anticipation toward playing The New Wave Musicfest this year, and a full length album to be released soon.
 Photo Courtesy: Shan Bhattacharya

Kolkata-based indie pop electronic duo Oh,Rocket recently released their debut EP, The Clouds Woke No Clocks, to a glitch-hungry pack of music lovers who couldn’t get enough of the band’s music. Oh,Rocket was singer/songwriter Aniket Dutta’s moniker from back in 2013 when it was his debut solo project. “I basically wanted to do my own thing,” Aniket told us, “I tried some singer/songwriter kind of stuff – acoustic songs and such – around late 2013. That’s when I went to Shubharun [guitars and arrangement] and showed him a few tracks that I had made, so he came up with a few ideas for lead guitars, and other things. So we incorporated his ideas, and we kind of decided to take it forward together.” Aniket describes Oh,Rocket’s music as electronic indie synth pop, including strong influences of glitch, sounds of American indie pop band Foster the People, electronic act The Postal Service, and more.

“We recorded the songs for this EP ourselves,” Aniket said. “Basically, we’ve been trying to record a full length album since May, but we couldn’t finish it. We had to release something before next year, so we decided to release five or six songs, which we sent to Alastair Vennart in the UK – he is a friend of ours – and he suggested to us that we release four songs for now as an EP.” Apart from the EP launch gig in Delhi last month, Oh,Rocket also played for audiences at the Ziro Festival of Music this year; “that was absolutely awesome,” Aniket told us about his experience playing at Ziro. “I mean we couldn’t expect there to be so many people who liked our music, and danced to our tunes like ‘Mechanical Kimono’ and all those songs. It was just completely brilliant.”


The duo is also set to play at The New Wave Musicfest’s debut edition to be held on November 15 and 16 this year; “We’re absolutely kicked about it,” Aniket told us. “The venue looks really awesome, and so many super cool acts. Also, we’ll be playing with our drummer there. I’m looking forward to Frame/Frame, and Your Chin – absolutely love him. Looking forward to seeing Until We Last and Space Behind The Yellow Room for sure, because our drummer plays with them, and also obviously The F16's.”

With a promising set of performances to come by in the recent future Oh,Rocket are setting their eyes on feasting on a bigger slice of the cake, with work on their upcoming full length album, Bloomspoon, already in full swing. “We’re going to play in Delhi, and we’re hoping to play in Bangalore soon.  Apart from the gigging, we’re looking forward to releasing the album next year, which we’re working on right now.”

Listen to The Cloud Woke No CLocks EP by Oh,Rocket below:

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