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Srinagar based rapper drops new music video with Prabh Deep. Watch!

Jul 11, 03:33pm

Watch the official music video for 'ELAAN' from Ahmer's debut with Sez On The Beat.
 Photo Courtesy: Azadi Records

Srinagar-based artist Ahmer Javed has dropped a new single ELAAN from his debut album “Little Kid, Big Dreams”, produced in collaboration with Sez On The Beat. The album, an acute representation of the situation in Kashmir, from the beginning of the independence struggle and the call for Azadi, to the crackdown on its citizens and the creation of an environment where society stands desperate, without hope and bereft of unity. 

Elaan also features rapper Prabh Deep with special appearances by MC Kode, Yungsta and MC Soopy in the music video directed by Crevixa. Elaan confronts Ahmer Javed’s own personal demons and the trials and tribulations faced by artists in the region of Kashmir. The influence of iconic Kashmir artist Roushan Ilahi aka MC Kash is also clear to see in Javed’s writing - accurately capturing the pain, helplessness and frustration felt by the Kashmiri people.



"This song is about everything I have seen around me while growing up. The song calls out people who are hypocritical because they do terrible things behind the curtain, but judge others for doing the same just to be accepted by society. It is about how people in power use religion to manipulate the masses. Prabh Deep’s verse is about how he is against people who are dividing the country on the basis of religion, caste and other socio-political factors.”, says Ahmer.


Watch music video of ELAAN below:


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