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Takar Nabam Releases Solo Album

Mar 04, 05:19pm

The Delhi guitarist who turned singer-songwriter talks about his new album ‘Same Sky’ 
 Photo Courtesy: Vijay Kate

You might have known him for his mind-bending riffwork with prog band Guillotine or for his occasional jazz jams heading the Takatrio, but Arunachal-bred Delhi-based guitarist Takar Nabam has a new identity going for him since last year – that of a singer-songwriter.

Nabam has gone solo before though – his track ‘So It Begins’ was part of RSJ’s Breaking Boundaries Volume 11 compilation in 2012 – but he explains his change in style. Nabam told us, “I was in very a different headspace back then. As life unfolded over the last few years, I felt the need to express my thoughts lyrically as well as musically, and so I chose this path. Although, I still consider myself a guitar player first. The song arrangements, in this album, are based around the blend of acoustic and electric guitar sounds.”

In addition to releasing tracks such as ‘Hello’ and ‘You’, the seven-track album Same Sky features Nabam trying his hand (and voice) at being the positive, romantic singer. He says, “‘Hello’, Table for Two’, ‘Same Sky’, ‘You’ are more on the romantic side. Whereas, ‘Look’, ‘Move On’ talk about life, in general, and to stay motivated and inspired. ‘Replay’ is a song dedicated to my folks, for gifting me this life.”

With a launch gig that took place in Delhi on February 21, there’s more gigs in the works to promote Same Sky. Nabam says, “Our next stop is at Depot29, New Delhi, on the 20th March. My plan is to release the music digitally sometime this month. I'm still trying to work out a tour to Bombay, Pune, Bangalore. I hope it comes through!" 

Listen to 'Hello' here

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