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The Ganesh Talkies Get Busy Touring

Sep 14, 10:31pm

Following the eight-city 2Stroke Tour, the Kolkata pop rock band head out for their second international set of gigs in Reunion Island
 Photo Courtesy: Chitrangada Chakraborty

You know it isn’t over until it’s over. Just ask The Ganesh Talkies vocalist and guitarist Suyasha Sengupta about it. Fresh from the pop rock band’s eight-city tour as part of 2Stroke (with Mumbai alt rock band Last Remaining Light), Sengupta tells us her one take away, “If things can go wrong, they will definitely go wrong. But in the end, it all works out fine.” While they considered their penultimate show in Bangalore as an unofficial closer, The Ganesh Talkies were surprised by the response they got at their actual final stop in Heart Cup Cafe in Hyderabad. “It turned out to be quite a finale. A lot of people turned up and the venue was great,” says Sengupta.

And now that the 2Stroke Tour is done, they’re looking forward to the next one – heading out to Reunion Island for three gigs between September 17 and 20. The band is dead tired after being on the road for ten days between eight cities, but they’ve got a flight to catch to Mauritius via Mumbai. Sengupta says, “So we’re not really unpacking.” The Ganesh Talkies first played at Reunion as part of the multi-country showcase IOMMA in June this year and with help from Chennai based music company Earthsync, the band is heading back for two club shows and a festival set. For their set list, they’re sticking to the same 2Stroke regimen, including new material like ‘Say My Name’ and ‘The Great Indian Freakshow’ as well as songs off the album In Technicolor. Sengupta says, “We want to push our best material out there, since it’s a new audience.”

The new material is much more serious, according to the vocalist, but she adds, “I think people didn’t get the sarcasm on the last album.” Sengupta now handles writing vocals, some guitar parts and keyboard sections as well to new material, with the band making their own inputs and producer Miti Adhikari tweaking the songs around later. Sengupta tells us, “It helps us get demos for ourselves and we’ll hit the studio sometime in 2016.”

Until then, of course, there’s plenty of gigs coming their way, including a set at the Red Bull Tour Bus Off the Roof gig in Mumbai on October 3 and another one in Delhi next month as well, followed by a set at NH7 Weekender in Bangalore and then Kolkata’s first annual Big Sunday Festival in December. Sengupta says, “It is hectic, but this is what I wanted. If I had a gig tonight, I’d be up and running. It’s that whole adrenaline rush it gives you.” 

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