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Undying Inc and Their Heavy Friends Gear Up for Pantera Tribute

Oct 17, 11:18pm

More than just a cover night, the groove/tech metal band is making songs like ‘Slaughtered’ to ‘Walk’ even heavier

If you checked out Undying Inc.’s latest EP Ironclad, you would have noticed they threw in a little tip-of-the-hat to their heroes in thrash/groove metal legends Pantera, with a medley titled ‘Beyond Trendkill’. Undying Inc, like several other top metal bands in the country such as Bhayanak Maut, Providence and Zygnema, have always had an evident Pantera influence and the Delhi tech/groove metal band are now performing at their fourth tribute gig on October 18 at Antisocial, Hauz Khas Village.

This one will be unlike all prior tributes, since Undying Inc. aren’t just covering Pantera songs like ‘Cowboys from Hell’ to ‘Walk’ to ‘Psycho Holiday’ and ‘Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit’ note for note. This is going to be a two-hour aural assault that has Undying Inc and musicians from Delhi’s metal fraternity adding their own mind-boggling groove metal twist to it. Bassist Reuben Bhattacharya says, “It’s never easy living up to a legacy, especially a band like Pantera that was groovy, heavy, bluesy, technical, thrashy and sometimes just straight up balls to the wall punk rock, served with that flavour of Pantera. With this tribute gig we finally believe we can give back to a new generation something from all that we have learnt from Pantera and with the flavour of Undying Inc to it!”

Joining vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar, guitarist Biswarup Gupta and drummer Nishant Hagjer are a host of collaborators. That includes Artillerie frontman Noble Luke and drummer Aadhar Malhotra, Escher’s Knot guitarist Anshuman Mishra, Grammy Winning Effort guitarist Shashvat Pandit, Colossal Figures guitarist Karan Mehta, 1833 AD bassist Shakti Singh and The Circus guitarist Arsh Sharma. Bhattacharya adds, “We also want to take this epic set out to as many cities as possible, so Bangalore, Bombay and Pune, you could be next!”

Find more details about the Pantera Tribute here.

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