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Watch: Nicholson's New Music Video

Dec 01, 11:21pm

The Mumbai electronic artist has released the final part of his video trilogy with ‘Cold Water’

If you’ve caught any of Nicholson’s previous videos ‘For What’ and ‘For What II’ over the past year, you’ve been up to speed on the themes of loneliness and inner turmoil that filmmakers Sachin S. Pillai and Angshuman Ghosh have capturing like few other music videos have done.

Now, the final part of the Mumbai electronic music producer’s is out, with ‘Cold Water’, off his debut EP For What. The artist told culture website Homegrown about the trilogy, “The subject matter we explore is one where people feel self-violent. No one truly understands the turmoil that a person feels and goes through that pushes them to that point, and there’s even a stigma around why people do that to themselves.”

While the first video – ‘For What’ – featured a distraught Saba Azad (from electro-swing duo Madboy/Mink), we’d hazard a guess and say ‘Cold Water’ is the other side of the story, seeing how model and actor Karan Pandit’s character wanders through woods, eventually tying a noose around his neck and kicking off the chair. Pillai told Homegrown, “It explores the whole concept of a dark and morbid sense of loneliness, and the memories of a fleeting mind.”

You can hear Nicholson perform this and much more of his material at NH7 Weekender in Pune on December 6.

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