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Watch Nishtha's Second Music Video for 'Wasting My Love'

Mar 30, 06:20pm

The Delhi-based singer released her debut album, Minor Epiphany, last month
 Photo Courtesy: Bhumika H.Bhatia

There’s something about interpretive dance that music video makers have taken much more of a liking to in the last decade than ever before – from the Chemical Brothers on their latest single ‘Wide Open’ to Sia’s runaway hit ‘ Chandelier’.  It’s no surprise that’s the same route filmmaker Vishal Tanwar takes with Delhi artist Nishtha’s second music video ‘Wasting My Love’.

Since the song’s theme revolves around romance between two individuals, Nishtha Sachdeva says the idea of having a dancer – Svetana Kanwar – interpret the song was the video team’s idea. Nishtha told us, “It is not an easy task to carry the plot of the song by one individual alone. However, I was spellbound when I saw the final result. Svetana Kanwar has done justice to the music video with her moves.” So inspired is Nishtha, who trained in dancing at the age of 13, that she’s picking back up on the skill thanks to this music video.

‘Wasting My Love’, the second single to release off Nishtha’s debut offering Minor Epiphany, features a groovy beat carried through with a few electronic elements. It’s definitely a different direction compared to the rest of the eight-track album. Nishtha says, “Other songs from my album are regular pop-rock but this song can be interpreted in many ways.”

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