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Kolkata's Gingerfeet Release Debut Album, Titled High and Above: The First Wave

Kolkata’s five-piece Gingerfeet have released their debut album, titled High and Above: The First Wave. 

Nov 05, 2013

By RSJ Staff

The Freestylers, Live at Kitty Su, New Delhi on October 25

British electronica group The Freestylers touch down in India to play at Kitty Su, New Delhi on October 25.

Oct 21, 2013

By RSJ Staff

Go Mad Festival 2013 to be Held in Ooty from Oct 25-27

The second edition of the annual Go Mad Festival will be held from October 25-27 at Fernhill Palace, Ooty. 

Oct 21, 2013

By RSJ Staff

Blackstratblues to Play at the Blue Frog, Delhi on October 24

Blackstratblues, Warren Mendonsa’s solo project, is all set to take the Blue Frog, Delhi stage on October 24. 

Oct 17, 2013

By RSJ Staff

Celeste Music Festival to be Held in Mussoorie on Oct 25 & 26

Celeste Music Festival 2013 will take place on Oct 25-26 at the Heorge Everest House, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Oct 12, 2013

By RSJ Staff

Alobo Naga Releases New Single Called 'Laughter and Tears'

Alobo Naga, the singer-songwriter and composer from Nagaland, has released his new single, called ‘Laughter and Tears’.

Oct 08, 2013

Reptilian Death Release New Single Titled 'Emerge, Hatred, Emerge'

Reptilian Death, the death metal band from Mumbai, have released their new single ‘Emerge, Hatred, Emerge’, from their sophomore album, The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence.

Oct 07, 2013

Gibson All-Star Clinic for Guitar across Five Cities in October

The Gibson All-Star Clinic Tour takes place through October across five cities.

Oct 03, 2013

By RSJ Staff

Asylum from Mumbai Finish Recording New EP Titled Inmate

Mumbai’s groove metal band Asylum has finished recording all five tracks for their debut EP, Inmate, due to release sometime in November. 

Sep 19, 2013

Hindi Prog-rock Band Antariksh Release Debut Album Titled Khoj

Five-member New Delhi-based Hindi progressive rock band, Antariksh, released their debut album, titled Khoj, on September 8 at the Blue Frog in New Delhi. The...

Sep 11, 2013

Satanic Black Metal Band Solar Deity Release EP Titled Devil Worship

Mumbai based two-man Satanic black metal band Solar Deity have released their third EP, called Devil Worship. 

Sep 06, 2013

Demonic Resurrection Announce Les-Fest, Scotland Appearance in 2014

Demonic Resurrection, the pioneering metal band from Mumbai, will be touring the UK and Europe in 2014. 

Sep 05, 2013

By RSJ Staff