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Asxem Dlean's Debut Single 'Emotion'

Nov 11, 02:40pm

Mumbai-based electronica musician/producer Asxem Dlean released his debut single, 'Emotion', as the self-titled solo project. With two other singles on the way, and a live act to watch out for, we spoke to the young musician about the idea behind the song, and what he is up to at the moment.
 Photo Courtesy: The Lightsmiths

Mumbai-based electronica musician Asxem Dlean released his debut single, ‘Emotion’, with the official video today, as part of a three song project that he is working toward. “Emotion is part of a three track concept because I believe in the rule of three's,” Asxem told us. “There are always three steps to anything and everything.The idea for this track came together when a childhood friend of mine, who’s based in Canada now,  re-connected after almost twelve years, over skype. A massive surf enthusiast, he randomly asked me, ‘Hey bro, can you make a chill track for some of my surf clips I'm trying to put together?’ That's when the idea behind emotion as a music video struck me.”

‘Emotion’ was a DIY recording project, mastered by one half of Mumbai-based experimental project Seemingly That, Pruthu Parab. “That was obviously the best decision I made because he mastered it just the way I wanted it, rounding out the sound to give the track its final sound quality,” Asxem said. “I spent three days, dedicating six hours each day, trying to fit what I thought worked best forthe track, and  put myself in place of the surfers. I eventually shortlisted 20 tracks out of the 65 options I had initially recorded. Once I was happy with all the elements and composition, I decided to send it out to Pruthu.”

Featuring a glitch smooth groove, ‘Emotion’, displays an array of influences with interesting sounds, and certain shades of alternative, post rock, and trip hop music, bobbing through the song. Asxem said, “I picked up the guitar just by listening to a lot of alternative rock music, back in the day. Artists like Creed, Three Days Grace, Fightstar, Incubus, etc. have been some of my biggest influences. As I progressed as a guitarist and bassist, music bands paving the way for the modern era, like Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Novelists, Volumes, and Enter Shikari, proved to be a huge  emphasis on my technique and production. I also found that artists like Bonobo, Blockhead, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Netsky, Black Sun Empire, Flume, etc. gave a rise to discovering and absorbing different spaces of music. This combination of musical influences from different spheres lead to me working and balancing out, composing and producing my own sound and music.”

Watch the official video for 'Emotion' by Asxem Dlean below:

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