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Budweiser's 'Made Stage' to be held Across 4 Citites

Oct 31, 03:19pm

Budweiser's 'Made For Music' campaign has begun the 'Made Stage' series today on October 31, with the first exhibition to be held in Mumbai featuring a stellar audio-visual experience including a host of musical and visual artists. The four part series will also travel across Bangalore, Delhi, and Goa. 

Budweiser have launched their ‘Made For Music’ campaign set to host the ‘MADE Stage’ series across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa, starting today on October 31 in Mumbai. Today’s exhibition features a carefully curated evening – The Live Cinema project – of artists including director/visual artist Sachin Pillai, indie electronica act Fuzzy Logic, electronica act Zokhuma, electronic world music act Nicholson, acid house DJ Bassister, and visual artist Shazeb Arif S, coming together to create an amazing real-time audio-visual experience.

The four part series aimed at showcasing Indian talent will bring together an exciting mix of musicians, visual jockeys, graffiti artist, sculptors, sound & light engineers and performance directorsfrom around the country creating new sounds, visuals and experiences. The Budweiser MADE Stage series will also be released online from 13th November featuring four episodes of artists from India working together to create unique experiences through interplay of sound, light, music, and new age interactive technologies. The upcoming exhibitions of the series will feature artists like BLOT, Teddy Boy Kill, Peter Cat Recording, Sulk Station, and many more. 

Visit the Facebook page for RSVP and further information.

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