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Dr. Das All Set To Electrify Turquoise Cottage!

Sep 15, 04:23pm

Based in Brussels, Dr. Das is all ready to serve his brand of dub to the audiences at the prestigious Turquoise Cottage in Delhi, on September 18. Also featuring supporting acts by Bagula Bhagat, and DubVaanar.

Brussels based experimental heavy dub act Dr. Das is set to play his first gig in India for ‘Fully Underground Live Session 2’, at the Turquoise Cottage in Saket, New Delhi; on September 18. The evening of dub and bass will feature opening performaces by Delhi-based artists Bagula Bhagat, and DubVaanar, promising a night of heavy, ear crunching, sounds. Dr Das is a bassist/performer/producer, and also, the founding member of the Asian Dub Foundation- renowned for their ‘dub sounds and rebel vibrations’. Dr. Das began his solo venture into heavy dub back in 2006, after he left ADF to experiment with his ‘Dubnoiz’ concept. He explains ‘dubnoiz’ as: “A tribute to ‘dub’, which is the abstracted, stripped down form of reggae, featuring mostly bass and drums. ‘Dubnoiz’ lays heavy emphasis on the use of noise and distortion, as opposed to the more traditional dub elements of echo and reverb. As such, it is less spacious, more aggressive, and urgent sounding.

Having been exposed to Indian classical music while growing up left Dr. Das with “a deep love of cyclical melodies and imbued him with a strong ‘modal’ sensibility.” Fusing distorted Indian percussions with throbbing bass lines and eastern melodies meshed in electronica, if you are a fan of gluggy and bass-heavy sounds, this gig could prove to be an interesting evening. 

Visit the Facebook events page.

Listen to some tracks by Dr. Das here.

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