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First Listen: Mumbai Instrumental Rock Artist Harshad Shetty's Debut Release

Mar 15, 04:47pm

‘Eunoia’ was made with help from sound engineers Ayan De and Vishal J Singh
 Photo Courtesy: Aaron Pinto (artwork)

As far as journeys go, Mumbai-based instrumental artist Harshad Shetty is just getting started. Shetty, a recent graduate from SIES college in Mumbai and part of organising their annual band show Thunderstruck, has released his debut album Eunoia, which he explains as “a journey of change through self-discovery.”

The six-track album is very much mood-based and made-for-headphones listening. Set against acoustic guitars, steadily uptempo drums and layers of background synth, Eunoia features obscured voice samples Shetty culled from surfing YouTube. Recorded by Ayan De, the album was mixed and mastered by multi-instrumentalist Vishal J. Singh. Shetty told us, “During the course of the recording I realised that both Vishal and Ayan have a deep understanding of the kind of sound that I was approaching. This helped for a smooth transition for ideas to proper songs. Vishal has really motivated me to do what I do at every single step. He is definitely the perfect producer for this project.” In addition to playing/programming piano, bass and drums, Singh has even added his own guitar lead to the second track ‘We Only Have What We Remember’. Shetty also collaborated with friends such as Arindam Maity and Sahil Misra, who added guitars on different tracks on the album.

Eunoia won’t just be a studio project for Shetty, though. He adds, “I am definitely going to take this project live. My primary focus has always been music. Apart from this project I’m also working on an ambient/electronic project which I am very excited to share soon.”

Listen to Eunoia here

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