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Unohu Take Top Prize at Bandcubator

Mar 16, 11:08pm

The Mumbai alternative rock band get a tour, recording deal and Rs 1.4 lakhs 
 Photo Courtesy: Unohu

Band competitions are very much in vogue and when the winnings are this enticing – from Rs 1.4 lakhs to a recording deal and tour plan – it’s no surprise the competition was tough at Bandcubator. Last Sunday, hosts The High Spirits Café wrapped up their first edition of the band competition that started in February and had a pool of 20 bands from Pune and Mumbai jostling for not just the prizes but the venue’s regular packed-house audience.

After six weeks of performances, Mumbai alt rock band Unohu emerged winners, while Mumbai post-rock band A Mutual Question and Pune prog rock band Skylight Vision tied for second place, taking home a prize of Rs 50,000 each. The night’s finalists also include hard rock band Silver.

Unohu’s vocalist and guitarist Sarthak Karkare told us, “To be honest, after a while, we’ve not taken a single competition seriously. We stopped focusing on competing and made it more about playing a good show. We’ve really tightened up our sound.” The band wins Rs 1.4 lakhs, a four-city tour courtesy of artist booking agency Mixtape, a recording deal at Mumbai’s Cotton Press studio and a video slot on MTV Indies.

The band was juggling college exams between their shows, something that drummer Shashwat Karkare says they are used to now. He says, “We’ve been very lucky to have gigs come our way. And when they do, we always made sure we leapt at it.” 

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