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Listen to Kefaya's new single 'Nirbhaya'

Jan 28, 12:54pm

The London-based world/fusion/jazz group are also releasing their album ‘Radio International’ later this year

They might like to identify their music as ‘guerrilla jazz’, but UK collective Kefaya have their quieter, more meditative moments as well. Their latest single ‘Nirbhaya’ started out as a collaboration with Indian classical vocalist Deborshee Bhattacharjee in December 2014.

The duo, comprising guitarist Giuliano Modarelli and pianist Al MacSween, told us about the song, “The song was originally composed around Raag Charukeshi, which is known for its two contrasting moods of ‘light and dark’ or ‘day and night’. We felt this piece was fitting for a dedication to Nirbhaya as the two sides of its character allowed for on the one hand, a somber reflection of the horrific tragedy, but on the other hand, a certain optimism reflecting the inspiring social movements that developed in response to Jyoti Singh’s death.”

The song is part of their upcoming debut album Radio International, which features singers from all over – Spain’s Chico Pere to a South African vocal quartet called Complete and Alessia Tondo from Italy. Kefaya tell us, “The nature of this band is collaborative, and is made up of musicians with a strong desire to share their knowledge and find something new in their traditions.”

With a multi-city tour that established their name in India in 2015 – including a set at SulaFest in Nashik, Kefaya plan to return to India in November 2016, although plans to release Radio International have already been set for Spring this year. 

Listen to 'Nirbhaya' 

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