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Nepal Deathfest Hosts International Bands

Jan 16, 12:57pm

Bands from India and Nepal join Japanese and German headliners across two days at the third edition 
The third edition of Nepal Deathfest, held in the capital of Kathmandu, comes with the stipulation that “no drugs, weapons, helmets and pro cameras (are) allowed.” That’s an interesting range of prohibited items, but founder-organiser Vishal Rai explains, “We never experienced such mishaps (violence) except few minor injuries during mosh pits. But, I will not hesitate to say that Nepal Deathfest fans are most brutal, extreme and real hardcore fans and they are not scared of producing the most intense mosh pit.”
That’s to say, even if there aren’t any weapons (or helmets), you’re probably going to walk away with a few battle scars to show off. This year’s line-up includes four international headliners – Tokyo noise-grind band Sete Star Sept and England goregrind band Meat Train performing on day one, while German old school death metallers Fleshcrawl and Brazilian death metal band NervoChaos close proceedings on day two.
Nepal Deathfest, which takes place on January 22 and 23, also includes Bengaluru grindcore band Rip Off, alongside Nepali bands such as Childwife, Dying Out Flame, Rog and more. Rai says he’s not just programming international bands because it guarantees a higher turnout. He adds, “Nepal Deathfest’s first and only motive is to bring two or three International bands on the line-up and put them along with local bands. I cannot totally agree International Bands will pull more crowd but, it definitely gives a high profile to the fest and to local bands also. The crowd we get here is regular crowd who loves metal and whom we always see in fests.”
Nepal Deathfest 2015 line-up. More details on their Facebook event page
January 22
Sete Star Sept
Meat Train
Rip Off
January 23
Dying Out Flame
Undefined Human
Corpse Sick 
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