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Premiere: Watch The Circus' Game of Thrones Inspired Lyric Video for Lions & Wolves

May 12, 03:04pm

The Delhi experimental rock band have released their next single off their 2016 album With Love
 Photo Courtesy: Srijan Mahajan

If you’ve heard Delhi experimental rock band The Circus’ new album With Love, then you know that they’re pretty big fans of fantasy TV show Game of Thrones. They even wrote an entire song called ‘Lions & Wolves’ dedicated to the beheading of the show’s central character, Ned Stark. Sonically, it stands to serve as the band’s move away from the unpredictable rock to more groove-based, prog-leaning songwriting.

The lyric video for ‘Lions & Wolves’ features motifs and symbols from Game of Thrones animated by Dhruv Sharma at VHStudios. Guitarist Arsh Sharma told us, “The song is from the point of view of someone who is praying for the soul of someone who has been beheaded in front of them.”

The release is their fourth video off With Love, preceded by lyric videos for ‘I’m Bored’, ‘Not Yet Dinosaurs’ and the title track. Sharma adds, “With this album we are trying to get into people's heads slowly by releasing regular lyric videos. Two music videos will also be coming up soon. We want to make this album last and tour with it for at least a year because it a big leap in our sound. The 2Stroke tour was a big help as it reached out to the right people and created a buzz again around the band and the album.”

The release comes ahead of the band’s show at Delhi club venue Bandstand as part of new gig series Electro Tonic on May 13.


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