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Singer-Songwriter The Soham on His First International Show

May 17, 04:01pm

The Kolkata-based songwriter talks about releasing live videos from his set in Singapore 

A lot of Indian musicians often aim for Europe and North America when they want to spread their music overseas, but Kolkata-based singer-songwriter Soham Bhattacharya, who performs under the name The Soham, knew that South East Asia was equally lucrative. He says, “I have heard about Singapore's music scene from few senior musicians in India so I also wanted to explore and dig deep into their music scene that got me start contacting with few venues in Singapore and ended up getting selected with three different prestigious venues.”

In March, the artist played three shows in a row, performing covers as well as his poppy acoustic numbers. Compared to his shows in India, one of the first things he noticed was the production quality and the environment of performing in a club space. Even the little things, like programming acoustic songs on the sound system before the artist goes to set the mood, is important. The Soham will release five videos from his set at the Aria Café in Singapore. “It will be a web video series and I will be uploading them on YouTube. First video will be uploaded end of this month.”  

While the videos keep coming, he’s also recording his next five-track EP, which he says will release at the end of the year. He adds, “I have plans to come back to Singapore later this year; I think after my EP gets released. I have plans to visit different countries as well, to spread my music in the future.”

Watch the promo for The Soham's live videos from Singapore 

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