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The Chronic Legion announce collaborations with Rishabh Seen, Gerardo Ruiz and Keshav Dhar

Jul 10, 02:24pm

Delhi metal band The Chronic Legion have recently announced collaborations with Rishabh Seen, Gerardo Ruiz and Keshav Dhar for their upcoming debut album.

Last month, the Delhi based experimental metal band The Chronic Legion announced a collaboration with sitar player Rishabh Seen for the band’s upcoming debut album. Rishabh, popular for his metal covers on the sitar, founded the 'classical-progressive metal' band - Mute The Saint-  in 2015. They  released their debut single 'The Fall of Sirius' this January which is a part of their self-titled EP expected to be released sometime this year. Rishabh is also associated with the projects 'Punkh' (world/experimental rock) and 'Nirvaan' (progressive fusion) in Delhi.


“We have been friends for a long time and I really admire The Chronic Legion’s work and the experimental sound with the upcoming record. I really look forward to contributing to this record by adding Indian classical vibe in the form of sitar”

-Rishabh Seen, on collabrating with The Chronic Legion. Source - Proximity Productions


The band has also announced collaborations with Mexican drummer Gerardo Ruiz and distinguished guitar player Keshav Dhar from Skyharbor for their upcoming release. Gerardo Ruiz is part of the melodic death metal band Revenant as well as the progressive metal project Sartorius. He is quite active on his YouTube channel and regularly uploads interesting drum covers of popular metal songs.


Founded in 2012, The Chronic Legion consists of Sahil Khurana on vocals, Ajeet Padhi and Pranav Kumar on guitars, Sahil Bajaj on bass, Jayant Dhadwal on the drums, and has announced the recent addition of the multi – instrumentalist Aniket Chaturvedi. The Delhi-based band has always been active in the college festival circuit, having won ‘Best Band’ at Rocktaves'14, BITS Pilani and ‘Best Band’ and ‘Best Guitarist’ awards at Ignus'13 & Ignus'14, IIT Jodhpur.


The band's managing agency, Proximity Productions, quoted Sahil Bajaj describing their upcoming sound as a blend of "old-school and new-school elements” and that “the album is inspired by the moral degradation of modern society.



Watch Rishabh Seen's sitar  cover of the Animals As Leaders song ‘Tempting Time’ here.


Listen to Mute The Saints's teaser for the song 'Sound of Scars' from their upcoming self-titled debut EP here.

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