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Second Sight Will Perform Its Most Elaborate Set at Harkat Studios

Apr 01, 01:00pm

With the countdown to the release of the EP in its final stages, Second Sight kicks off the promotion with its most intense, elaborate and experimental line-up ever. 

Second sight, an act that alternates between a 'duo' and 'full-fledged' set, will further experiment with its line-up through familiar collaborations. The elaborate set, hosted at Harkat Studios tonight, will feature cello, a capella, spoken word, contemporary choreography, and other complementing elements to enhance its original compositions. Along with incorporating other forms of art into its intimate set, the band will also add R&B and rap, thus providing an interesting twist to the entire sonic experience. 


Second Sight is nearing the release of its debut EP 'The Violet Hour' this month, and the effort at Harkat Studios, definitely, acts as an ideal teaser of sorts to understand the sonic path traveled to execute it. In a genuine effort to put up a show, Anusha Ramasubramoney and Pushkar Srivatsal - the two brains behind Second Sight - have truly left no stone unturned in order to create an impacting impression. "More than anything, we are trying to make it interesting for ourselves," emphasises Anusha, who adds that the initial idea revolved around the usual duo + band set, and the cellist. "However, one thing led to another, and fortunately, ideas fell into place," says the vocalist, addressing how other elements were eventually added into the set. Second Sight's familiarity with the collaborators, thanks to the previous associations with them, helped the decision further. "The cellist, Magdalena Sas, appears in the EP too." informs Anusha. 


Other collaborators including Dean D'Souza and Rachel Philip on vocals and harmonies, Shweta and Sanket as dancers and rapper Princeton Agoucha have worked with Second Sight on the live front at least once before. Spoken word artist Tanvi Shah, who features in the upcoming four-track EP, will be performing for the first time with the duo. 


PC: Harkat Studios


With a duo set followed with the band routine (featuring drummer Shivang Kapadia, bassist Ralph Menezes and keyboardist Vatan Dhuriya), Second Sight will perform two 45-minutes long set tonight. Upon asked how Harkat Studios reacted to the idea of such intense collaborations and elaborate 'show', Anusha replies, "They were ecstatic. Harkat Studios has always encouraged everything experimental. It's a great space to do what we're planning to do. Sometimes, as performers, you have to fight to be heard. Harkat Studios ensures an artist won't have to do so." 


Second Sight goes live at Mumbai's Harkat Studios tonight at 9 pm. 



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