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Until We Last Return After Six-Month Break

Sep 08, 05:36pm

Bangalore-based post rock band regroup with original bassist Anjan Bhojraj

It was back in March that Bangalore post rock band Until We Last were on stage, opening for their friends in sludge metal band Shepherd’s debut album launch gig. Turns out, it was their last performance with bassist Paul Dharamraj, who left the band for personal reasons earlier this year. Until We Last has now gone back to the start by recruiting their first bassist Anjan Bhojraj, who also played on their debut 2014 EP Earthgazing.

The band’s guitarist and founding member Ketan Bahirat told us, “We had a sensitive six months due to some changes in the band. We had a bit of down time but we're really very excited to be back in the jam room, making music and getting back to shows.” Although he admits that they will truly miss playing live with Paul, they knew Anjan would be the best replacement. “He (Anjan) is back to where he left us just over a year ago - he's played over 30 shows with UWL already and also was the one who recorded bass for our EP, so he's fit right back in.”

Until We Last perform at the recently-launched Blue Frog in Bangalore, playing a longer set that gets into old and new material. Bahirat says “We've been working on a lot of material in our downtime from gigging, so we plan on playing a lot of that. Almost four to five new tracks. We've also added a lot more electronic elements to our live set now, so it should be a fun show.”

Following this show in September, the band’s next big gigs include slots at NH7 Weekender in Pune and Bangalore, which Bahirat counts as a dream since they get to be on the same billing as Scottish post rock band Mogwai. The guitarist adds about the next step, “We have grown into a space which balances a lot more electronic elements with our older sounds. We can't wait to see how things go.”

Until We Last play live at Blue Frog, Bangalore on September 10th. More event details here.

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