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Will keep writing about things that affect me- Deepak Peace

Deepak Peace writes protest music and is unapologetic about it in an environment that growingly becoming intolerant.

features Mar 27, 2017

By RSJ Staff  

Introducing Dot

features Mar 04, 2017

By Shomi Gupta  

I am not from downtown L.A. says Neil Mukherjee

Guitar virtuoso Neil Mukherjee talks about his journey as a musician and his new release with drummer Yadhunandan Nagaraj, "Through the Sands"

features Mar 01, 2017

By RSJ Staff  

Promoting sub-culture of Bass music in India

A short overview of Bass music scene and its supporters in India 

features Feb 23, 2017

By RSJ Staff  

Post-rock move aside, Math-rock is the old cool, new in India, even though we might be late to it. Also, meet Nihal Anand.

We explore math-rock, the genre in India, and in specific, Bangalore based guitar player Nihal Anand's projects Deadstar and Stuck in November.

features Jul 07, 2016

By RSJ Staff  

"Bro, you are fire" - Remembering Amit Saigal

On what would be Amit Saigal's 51st birthday today, ex- Creative Head and Executive Editor , Rock Street Journal and the creator of it's now legendary logo, Reuben Bhattacharya reminisces about his time with Amit and his history with the magazine, in this heartfelt pen-down.

features Jul 06, 2016

By Reuben Bhattacharya  

10 Observations About Indie March 2016

The two-day festival in Bengaluru drew exactly the right (read: not selfie-crazed) crowd

features Mar 25, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

Around the World in Metal

We dig up some local heroes from across the globe that you should check out 

features Mar 14, 2016

By Anurag Tagat  

Bands We're Listening To This Week - VI

Post-rock and art-rock dominate this week and Lakshman Parsuram lists the artists on our playlist. Tell us what you think.

features Sep 23, 2015

By Lakshman Parsuram  

Bands We're Listening To This Week - V

This week, Lakshman Parsumran has assorted a mix of killer names to be included into your playlist. Check it out. Tell us what you think.

features Sep 09, 2015

By Lakshman Parsuram  

Bands We're Listening To This Week - IV

It's singer-songwriter week as Lakshman Parsuram lists the artists that you should add to your playlists.  Check it out. Tell us what you think.

features Sep 02, 2015

By Lakshman Parsuram  

Bands We're Listening To This Week - 3

Our friend Lakshman gives us another list of amazing new artists to be heard and added to our playlists.

features Aug 12, 2015

By Lakshman Parsuram