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Anirudh Varma Brings Kavya Singh In For Soulful Single

Aug 26, 05:04pm

‘Kaafila’ is a piano ballad that does the right thing and plays to strengths

One can’t allow ego to interfere with the rather unpretentious business of making a simple, sweet piano pop ballad. It doesn’t do to treat it as anything more than exactly what it is. Simple melodies, a focus on the chords and some easygoing vocals. Sure, some strings, drums and guitars can add a bit of weight and body to a more skeletal starting point, but at the end of the day, it’s all about one thing and one thing only, which is direct gratification. ‘Kaafila’ from Delhi pianist Anirudh Varma does this exactly.

He enlists singer-songwriter Kavya Singh for the vocals, but the overall arrangement is nothing more than some really nice chords and the trimmings that form a good old bit of power pop. Sure, Kavya’s vocals have a more pronounced ‘Indian’ touch (that is to be treated with caution at most times, of course), but every little thing about this track suggests the closer at a big cultural event, complete with good vibes and slow dancing. The faraway drums, the strings that pop in about halfway, the acoustic guitar that takes over chord duties from the piano at certain moments; this is by-the-book stuff. But that’s not a bad thing necessarily, of course. ‘Kaafila’ has the intended effect, which is that if you enjoy the sound and genre it dips into, you’ll probably listen to it again.


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