• Sat, Jan 28, 2023

Album Gig

Delhi's Green Park Comes In With A 'Debut Of The Year' Contender

Their EP ‘all my pictures have grown smiles’ is an arrival, and how!

album Dec 27, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

Thane Band Rotten Kitten's Album 'Catabolism' - A Love Letter To Millennial Rock

One can’t help but appreciate the dedication the band has to its musical influences

album Dec 20, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

maluscomas Lands On The Right Side Of Obsolescence With His New Album

‘Other Side Of Peace’ makes up for in writing what it lacks in presentation

album Dec 08, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

DIVINE's 'Gunehgar': The Indie Dream

This is what we all hoped for, right?

album Dec 01, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

Curtain Blue Has Put Out An Excellent Bit Of Electronica With 'S.T.R.I.P.E.S'

There’s not much to criticize here. This EP is innovative, interesting and sounds absolutely gorgeous. Winner!

album Nov 11, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

SOHM Contemplates, Well, Everything On His New Album

It’s self-titled and features some songwriting that isn’t afraid to improve on a solid base

album Oct 11, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman  

Eitadi! by Solace Her - An all-round brilliant debut album

Making indie/alt-rock great again

album Aug 26, 2022

By Vaibhav Kumar  

Nipun Cheema Paints The Most Vibrant Of Pictures

His EP ‘Miniatures’ is an instrumental release to play again and again

album Jul 12, 2022

By Madhusudan Raman