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The (Actually Potentially Useful) Deccan Alternative Music Conference Kicks Off This Week

The wide-ranging conference is a legitimately coherent effort to give this kind of event real meaning

features Feb 07, 2024

By Madhusudan Raman  

How A WhatsApp Group Became The Town Square Of Indian Indie

The ‘Some Good Gigs’ story

features Jul 08, 2023

By Madhusudan Raman  

Times Of Music Brings Together A Music Director And A Rock Band To Celebrate Their Art

Sneha Khanwalkar and Indian Ocean are guests on the MXPlayer show’s eleventh episode

features Jul 16, 2020

By Madhusudan Raman  

A Rock Band And Film Composer Combine Hearts For Legends In Music

The tenth episode of Times Of Music features rock band Agnee and film composer Amit Trivedi

features Jul 06, 2020


Times Of Music Is An Authentic Effort To Honour Indian Film Composers

Times Of Music suuccessfully creates a unique platform to honour Indian film composers from past and present

features Jun 24, 2020


A New Punjabi Folk Album Seeks To Rediscover Honesty In Music

Neha Bhasin and Sameer Uddin’s ‘Folk Tales Vol. 1’ goes back to the old way of doing things

features Mar 24, 2020

By Madhusudan Raman  

New Gauley Bhai Video Is A Brilliant Piece Of Dark Comedy

‘Morau’ deals with pretty morbid subject matter in a nuanced and funny way  

features Nov 14, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Gary Cherone From Extreme Talks To Us About India, Industry, Streaming And More

The Boston rock legends are playing at Manipur's ShiRock 2019 festival to be held from 16-19th October at Bakshi Ground, Ukhrul Headquarters, Ukhrul  

features Oct 03, 2019


The Problem With NH7 Weekender Is Not The Lineup. It Is Us, The Fans

Everyone complaining about the artists (as if it’s their fault to begin with) needs to calm down and get with the times.

features Aug 29, 2019


An Excellent Documentary About Indian Rock n Roll History

"Rockumentary" is a look back at a country that making cutting-edge music long before MP3 players or curated EDM festivals

features Aug 23, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Mixtape Talks About Jacob Collier In India

Mixtape CEO Naveen Deshpande elaborates on the ins and outs of setting up the Jacob Collier gig

features Aug 12, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Undying Inc Sudden Lineup Change: Some (sort of) Clarity

Undying Inc announced the replacement of lead vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar and drummer Nishant Hagjer with Sunneith Revankar and Jerry Nelson Ranee respectively. Randeep Kaur and Madhusudan Raman go digging to find out more.

features Jun 10, 2019