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Young Guns ArrowBridge's -Sirius Is More Accomplished Than You'd Expect

ArrowBridge album Boasts Of Collaborations With John Wesley, Dave Young And Other International Names

features Nov 13, 2018

By Madhusudan Raman  

Hip Hop Does Not Fucking Disappoint

From hitchhikers to a moshpit to the best hip-hop duo in country, the Azadi Records Showcase had it all.

features Jul 09, 2018

By Suhas Thobbi  

Why I Think Storm Corrosion Deserves More Praise

Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt’s 2012 collaborative album is arguably more important than anything else either artist has ever done  

features Jul 01, 2018

By Madhusudan Raman  

Rediscovering Kolkata's Instrumental Fascination

“Kolkata is a paradox. On one hand, it lets you be who you are. On the other hand, it is an irritatingly unprofessional city."

features Jun 09, 2018

By Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri  

Singer Songwriter Prabhtoj Singh Talks About New Singles

Prabhtoj Singh witnessed the evolution of Delhi's live music culture as a fan. Now, the singer-songwriter prepares to witness it once again; this time, as a performer. 

features May 15, 2018

By Randeep Kaur  

Rapping For Utopia: Raoul Kerr Not Slowing Down

Rapper Raoul Kerr prepares to release the second half of his studio effort 'No Flag', and similar to the earlier half, the album will continue to focus on one message: Make World A Better Place

features May 09, 2018

By Randeep Kaur  

Understanding Samar Mehdi: Through His Lyrics

Bhopal's singer-songwriter Samar Mehdi will release his ambitious and debut EP Urooj on 26 April. This is an attempt to understand this recent phenomenon and the meaning of Reinterpretations. 

features Apr 23, 2018

By Suhas Thobbi  

Interview With Alobo Naga

Alobo Naga released his second album ‘Kini’ last year. Post a very successful international promo-tour, the Naga pop-rock sensation has started an exhaustive India tour to showcase his newer electro-pop offering.  

features Apr 08, 2018

By Randeep Kaur  

Continuity & Community: Two Factors That Drive These Acts From The North East

The scene is expanding, but within the region. But is that enough? Asks Randeep Kaur to some of the underground names from the North East.

features Mar 17, 2018

By Randeep Kaur  

Instrumental Role: More Than Just The Voice

While talking to women instrumentalists in the music scene across India, we find 8 stellar musicians who have smashed those gender barriers with their talent and are winning the world and our hearts.

features Mar 08, 2018

By Randeep Kaur  

Yeh Fangirl Kya Hai?

A special editorial about the inception, evolution and the resulting experience revolving around the newest music festival entrant - Fangirl Live.  From the Horse's Mouth...Meet Bhatt.

features Mar 07, 2018

By Suhas Thobbi  

Build A Story

Meet Pelenuo and Jonathan Yhome, two singer-songwriters and siblings, who have kicked off a musical journey - minus a lot of noise - have extremely honest and simple stories to tell.

features Feb 28, 2018

By Suhas Thobbi