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Suspended In Time- Only One Gig Of The Tour

As Parekh & Singh kicked off ‘Science City’ tour (which eventually got cancelled), the first gig was up with swag and star-gazing soundscapes   

features May 12, 2019

By Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri  

Cat Sticks: Indie Film Soundtracks And How They Can Be Done Well- Part 3/3

The soundtrack itself is a testament to how music can work in a film that demands a lot of the viewer

features Apr 30, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Cat Sticks: An Interview With Composer Oliver Weeks- Part 2/3

Composer Oliver Weeks reflects more on his career, process and the state of film music today

features Apr 24, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Cat Sticks: An Interview With Film Composer Oliver Weeks- Part 1/3

Composer Oliver Weeks talks about his process and how a film can influence its score

features Apr 22, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Shouting With Coloured Lips In Music

Taking a look at some of the best female artists and their ideas of the enviroment for women in music.

features Apr 06, 2019

By Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri  

Sahil Makhija-Indian Metal Journeyman Reflects On Things Past And Present

One of the long standing metal music figure of India Sahil Makhija talks to us about his journey 

features Mar 23, 2019


Exclusive: Rachanachar EP Is a Layered Journey Hidden in Simplicity

'Forth and Back' is another great example of how one voice can speak volumes 

features Mar 15, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Is Delhi Back On the Road Towards Being a Live-Act Town?

  With festivals like DAKART that had a combination of both music and arts, the event had a fairly large group attending its fresh maiden show.

features Mar 04, 2019

By Randeep Kaur  

The Udaipur World Music Festival Celebrates Its 4th Edition This Week

One of the country’s modern cultural milestones takes place from Feb 15-17

features Feb 12, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Mumbai Hip-Hop Mini-Doc By VICE Is a Handbook on How Culture Works

We’re in the early stages of a quintessential ‘movement’. We should observe and study it.  

features Jan 26, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

Progressive Metal Greats The Ocean Collective Talk About Geography, Their Writing Process And Mor

The band is in India for a five-city nationwide tour

features Jan 12, 2019

By Madhusudan Raman  

The Three Seas, an Indo-Australian project tour India this December

The Three Seas, an Indo-Australian project which plays a crossover of Bengali folk (baul) music and jazz, led by Australian saxophonist Matt Keegan, recently released their 2nd album and will be touring in India from the 15th of December.

features Dec 13, 2018

By Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri