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Anushka Jag Goes Full-On Pop

Apr 02, 04:31pm

Don’t expect anything experimental on her new single ‘Hurricane’, but what you can find is a strong hook

Mumbai singer-songwriter Anushka Jag does infuse a pretty lighthearted and fun vibe into her sugary single ‘Hurricane’, so perhaps it’s a good thing that she doesn’t try to maintain any pretence about it. You’re not going to find a bunch of offbeat production (though there are a few sonic choices that aren’t generic) or experimental songwriting. No, ‘Hurricane’ is just one of those bubbly pop tunes that needs you to do nothing more than just catch its hooks (literally, of course) and have a good time for three-odd minutes.

One look at the song’s pretty goofy music video (it almost has a sort of self-aware DIY kind of vibe) is enough to tell you that Anushka isn’t taking herself particularly seriously here. The song at its essence has a rather oddly quiet chorus (something a bit more glitzy would have been really cool too), but her vocal melody is what carries the show here. It’s easy to sing to, it might end up living rent free in your head and above all, it’s well and truly simple. That’s really important here and something not a lot of people end up appreciating when they write pop. It doesn’t always need to have a bunch of switch-ups and changes people haven’t heard before. Even the instrumentation is very straight-ahead and atmospheric with its relatively 2000s sounds and groove. ‘Hurricane’, whether it’s your cup of tea or not, is first and foremost a reminder of the idea that you don’t always have to be inventive to be fun. It’s just a nice song for a three minute listen with some sensible sounds and something to sing along with. Perhaps that’s enough as often as it is not. In this case it possibly is.


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