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Chaar Diwaari Impresses On The Vibe-Laden 'Enjaay'

Oct 05, 05:22pm

This tune is more interesting and fresher than most, and that is sorely needed

The indie scene we all know and love is a big fan of retreading well-established musical paths. We all know of these, the forlorn acoustic indie song, the parallel-Bollywood romantic ballad, or even the classic blues and rock tropes people have been enjoying since the 70s and earlier. Garv Taneja is a young artist from Delhi whose excellent new single ‘Enjaay’ shows the advantage of having a singular artistic voice, which is that it doesn’t directly rely on something you already instantly recognize. What this does is create a first-hand interesting listening experience, and we all know how hard those are to come by in today’s age of clout-chasing and liking something out of, well, fear?

On the surface, the song isn’t particularly groundbreaking. It’s a humorous, tongue-heavily-in-cheek bit of hip-hop with some pretty excellent production and lyrics that will extract a chuckle from the most cynical of ears. These labels can give you a pretty clear idea of what Chaar Diwaari is all about; some Kanye, some nods to India’s burgeoning rap scene and the rattling of speakers. But that isn’t at all what makes ‘Enjaay’ fun. In fact, the amount of unbridled fun Garv is having with his music is what makes this song so notable. The groove and production are incredibly hard until he decides to switch gears without warning to a warm, guitar and strings-backed groove that turns the tune completely on its head. The lyrics are hilarious and, well, relatable on a cellular level; Garv switches languages and tones at the sort of speed you scroll through your Twitter feed at, which is poetic in its own way. There is something unmistakably original and homegrown about what ‘Enjaay’ brings to the table, and not only does that deserve praise (which you will give) but a bunch of plays (which you should give).


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