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Disco Although by Binglebog: A Woeful Hymn

Jun 08, 05:03pm

Binglebog continues to delight with new single

Disco Although is Binglebog’s latest offering following his rather lovely EP ‘God Is A Guitarist,’ and the single does not disappoint. Binglebog is a solo project based out of Bengaluru, an anonymous artist whose identity, in their words, has spiritual connections with Vikram Seth’s ‘Frog And The Nightingale.’ The artist’s anonymity is not just a gimmick, though. Instead, it absolutely frees the listener to focus entirely on what actually matters; the music.

Speaking about the single, Binglebog says – “Disco Although continues to merge his individual experiences with his almost nihilistic worldly observations. The track starts as a rhetorical conversation while a battered Binglebog reflects on his state of mind which contrasts with how he perceives his life to be otherwise.”

With a straightforward structure and sound, Disco Although is ballad-like, accompanied by almost-whispered/murmured vocals. The production sounds cleaner and much more refined compared to the previous release ‘God Is A Guitarist.’ All the elements flow seamlessly around each other without any unwanted clashes of sound which enhances the listening experience as one gets completely immersed in the atmosphere of the song and Binglebog’s world/mind. The song also features a sweet refrain on the harmonica and a lovely short guitar solo, both of which fit in the space perfectly, along with gentle swells on strings throughout.

Disco Although is perfectly described in short by what Binglebog says about the music he listens to and is inspired by – “Simple, low-key vocals & provocative lyrics against the backdrop of explorative sounds.”


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