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Dot.'s 'Girls Night' Gets A Music Video

Mar 30, 05:23pm

The video is about the song, which is its virtue

Singer-songwriter Dot. has had a strange last 6 months. From doing a movie (The Archies) to re-releasing her ‘YouTube songs’ on streaming services as an album ‘Practice Rooms’ in an attempt to let go of narratives that might or might not have been written for her, the time period has been a quintessential expression of someone following their heart.

If all this wasn’t odd enough, her single ‘Girls Night’ came out in January; an intimate but groovy song about her close friends. And if even that wasn’t enough, there’s now a music video, and it seems like the route of artistic freedom is proving to be a worthwhile one.

Dot. seems to be quite clear about the fact that she will do ‘what she wants’ in the moment, which in this case would be everything; writing smooth pop, while also staying in touch with the piano-and-phone vibe of her early years, while also redefining her identity as an artist. The video for this tune, in a sense, does combine all these elements.

It’s shot by a legit director, Hawwa (she did that song ‘Spiced Lemonade’ last year as well, along with a bunch of other credits you could find online). It stars her friends (Aksha and Shibangi) who are quite literally the people she’s singing about. It also has many shots that are one-to-one connections between lyrics and visuals, as bombastic as they might be (sometimes overtly so, but it is meant to be as accurate a portrayal of a feeling as possible).

As a viewer, there is a 90% chance that you would think Wow, there’s a lot going on in this video and then, you might go Wow, there’s quite a bit going on in these people’s lives and if you can accept the fact that both are true, you might be able to enjoy the video for what it is, which is very simply an expression of creativity. And that approach to art is well worth thinking about. Oh, and watching; below.


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