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Exclusive: Five Of Castles Releases New Single Nectar; EP To Follow

Mar 14, 06:54pm

Mumbai-based outfit Five Of Castles exclusively releases its sonorous new single off the upcoming EP Jena's Fields.

Mumbai-based instrumental post-progressive metal outfit Five Of Castles exclusively releases its newest studio effort 'Nectar' with Rock Street Journal. The single, off the soon-to-be-released debut EP 'Jena's Fields' marks another addition to the band's discography since veering into the particular genre two years ago. 


Listen here: 


Five Of Castle's bassist Tejas Khedekar emphasises the conscious decision to experiment with the new genre, despite it creating the obvious delays in new releases and adapting to the sound, led to the creative path where every member found a comfort zone. "We wanted to put our best foot ahead and blow audiences with genuine material by sounding fresh. The ever-lasting urge to keep growing musically kept us going. Also, we look upto many independent bands and their struggles and take inspiration from the," says the bassist.


Moving from the symphonic metal genre, the shift set the band back by a few years but Khedekar and co. have no regrets whatsoever. Speaking of the single Nectar, Khedekar poetically defines the song as "releasing vivid, internal, organic anatomy patterns in sync with the breath." 


The EP Jena's Fields, as Khedekar informs, will be released on 14 April. In an effort to recreate the space of behaviourial progression, the songs in the EP will let the audience imagine themselves in "that state", thus giving them the freedom to interpret it in any way they want, concludes Khedekar. 

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