• Sat, Sep 23, 2023

Khanabadosh Enter The Face-Melting Business

May 23, 05:27pm

‘Bayaan’ is a hell of a rock song. With spirited performances. In 2021. What the heck?

Some would say that there isn’t much use being surprised when a band makes rock music these days. The occasional re-emergence of the same old tropes and the idea of a band trying to make that sound somehow work again are not new. However, it is both a great reminder of the genre’s heyday and a treat when a band does get it right. At the risk of being over-nostalgic, there is a direct and emotionally potent energy that many other forms of music just aren’t geared for. Udaipur band Khanabadosh does this so well on their single ‘Bayaan’.

This song is a blast start to end. The vocal melodies in the verses are delightfully dark and the chunky guitars that back them up are used rhythmically. It doesn’t take long for the song to shift into its aggressive chorus (they are going to do a great job of it live, for sure); there are some darker tinges to every section that stop just short of being melodramatic. The middle of the track brings in a couple of synths and another impassioned vocal performance, but the last minute and change of ‘Bayaan’ is reserved for a long (by today’s standards), winding guitar solo. That sets the precedent for cheesiness to undo all that came before it, but Khanabadosh manage to avoid doing even that. It’s a combination of things. The bass is turned up in the mix throughout (please, everyone do this where possible; it gives rock setups so much personality), the drums are punchy and there’s enough atmosphere for the solo to not sound noodly. ‘Bayaan’ is just packaged well. It ends with a hook (albeit by way of a slightly jarring transition from the solo), it doesn’t hang around in a quiet or loud place for too long, and the band is on point. What’s not to like?


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