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Liked By RSJ 2022

Nov 28, 04:46pm

Tl;dr: Playlist series showcasing awesome Indian indie releases this year. The link's at the bottom of this article.

It's time to round out the year with some playlists! We celebrate Indian indie here at RSJ, so let's do that together.

We know your Wrapped is going to reach your phone real soon, but we also know that a lot of excellent homegrown music has come out of this country this year. We have got to listen to 12 months of solid releases, and we'd like to remind everyone to go back and give local talent some plays.

Liked By RSJ is a playlist series we're going to do until the year ends, covering all the music we liked and then some. So many artists deserve your ear if you haven't heard their work and deserve another listen if you have. Here is part one.

Happy listening and stay tuned for the next set of great tunes from Indian indie!
P.S. Safe For Parties


Listen here.


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