• Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Listen and Watch video of latest single by Tejas x FamLi

Jan 30, 03:37pm

New release by Tejas since his last debut LP in 2017
 Photo Courtesy: Dinkar Dwivedi

Tejas has released new music after a while since the highly acclaimed 2017 debut LP Make It Happen. This new single, “River,” is an electronica track composed by Tejas while collaborating with Toronto/Mumbai based producer Arnob Bal aka FamLi. The music video directed by Dinkar Dwivedi is a contrasting calm visual of the Tejas walking and singing to himself through an uplifting track with his voice shining through as usual. 

“River” sounds new and different than what Tejas' music has been in the past and this new vibe is seemingly one step maturer. Collaborating with producer FamLi,  the singer-songwriter never fails to inspire the listener with his vocal texture and skilfull delivery. Hoping this is the beginning to a new extension of his musical sensibilities and more such collaborations are happening soon!


Stream and listen to RIVER here

Watch the music video below:


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