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Listen to Amogh Symphony's New Single 'Aai'

Jan 09, 11:32am

The multi-national avant-garde band's latest release traces the journey of motherhood 

Amogh Symphony have secured their place in the realm of bizarre and avant-garde when it comes to their noisy, metal-ish avant-garde music. Their third album Vectorscan, which released in 2014, was very much a cinematic attempt at portraying a mythical, multi-layered story of good against evil.

They pick a character from Vectorscan, Onamika, for their first new single ‘Aai’, tracing her journey of motherhood, featuring a progression from plucking the harp to noisy guitar riffs in the eight-minute track. The single, part of their upcoming fourth album, is the first to include Mumbai-based sound engineer and synth and percussion in-charge Derick Gomes. Guitarist Vishal J Singh told us, “Derick added a lot of new vibe to the songs. His style of low-fi experimental electronic music is very strange and when mine, Jim’s (Richman, drummer) and Andrey’s (Sazonov, multi-instrumentalist) ideas joined with Derick's ideas, we found a very fresh new sound.”

He adds about their new songwriting process, “The new album has a lot of Derick's inputs. Andrey and I moved more towards the ethnic sections, Jim comes up with something entirely different from what I made as ‘sample’ and then we move to final recordings. There is a lot of improvisation, charted out/planned sections that sound like random improvisation, fixed arrangements for easy remember and a lot of dynamics.”

While the rest of album number four is yet to be charted out by the band, Singh says that there won’t be a concept story for the entire album like Vectorscan this time. “We are taking each song as a story. There will be some poetry recitation. One thing I can say that it’s complete opposite of Vectorscan – (it’s) more spiritual.”

Listen to ‘Aai’

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