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Listen to Darjeeling Metal Band If Hope Dies' New Single

Apr 20, 09:42pm

The song ‘He Implodes’ is part of their upcoming EP 
 Photo Courtesy: Daniel Raghu

In the village of Sukna where the hills of Darjeeling start, there’s metal band If Hope Dies trying to do their best for the last six years with some bounce-off-the-walls groove with elements of prog, technical and modern metal. You know just how much it takes if the band is just about finishing what will be their debut EP, named Sukna.

The band, who just released their new single ‘He Implodes’, say it’s tough being a metal band in that part of the country. Says vocalist Aakash Sherpa, “We’re still under Panchayat Raj and all. People are in complete shock of what we do and the quality of music we play, it’s totally new for them.” As for keeping the band together, he says, “Back in 2010 we had no idea how we are going to be a strong unit with no proper knowledge, all we did was jam and jam. As time passed by, we understood how things work being in a band and we are still learning it, making the full use of resources we have.”

The four-track Sukna EP will be “pure metal” according to the band. Their single ‘He Implodes’, unsurprisingly, is about how the rage builds up in an individual. Aakash told us, “This song is all about an individual who has been oppressed by an external party and ‘He’ expresses his anguish of his helplessness within. He is unable to let out his emotions and has to pine within.” Listen below and judge for yourself. 

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