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Make Your Day Better With Maddy Sharma's Cheery Single 'Coffee'

Jan 23, 05:21pm

This is one of those nice indie pop songs that makes you feel all right for a couple minutes

Every once in a while, we do need songs like this one. ‘Coffee’ by Rajasthan singer-songwriter Maddy Sharma is what you want to put on when work’s being a bit frustrating or there’s a lot of traffic on your morning commute. You aren’t particularly looking for musical complexity, some arresting instrumentation or even anything that challenges you and draws too much of your attention. In fact, just like a few influences Maddy names (Coldplay, AR Rahman and so on), this single does have one or two things under the hood if you do want to have a closer look, but it doesn’t demand that of you. That makes for nice listening.

It’s essentially a cheery bit of pop; nothing you haven’t come across before, really. There’s a nice, sunny melody (provided by some whistling) which leads in and out of Maddy’s smooth vocals. He is well within his range here, so he opts to keep it simple and go for something accessible and hummable. Both of these things hold true. If you are sitting down and listening to the tune, you might note some very nice, clean mixing and a pretty sweet, warm and cozy tone on the guitar and keys. There’s a very very simple bassline chugging along in the back of the mix. The song even opens up in its second half and gives itself a bit more room and space (switching to half-time is always great) That’s about it, to be completely honest. This is just a nice song and doesn’t even bother trying to be something more, which is greatly to Maddy Sharma’s credit. And it’s meant to be an innocent three minutes that will give you something to smile at. So do that; go ahead and feel nice for a bit. It always helps.


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