• Sat, Sep 26, 2020

MTV Thinks Speech Impediments Are Funny?

Aug 10, 12:58pm

An ad for its new rap-centered reality show has got people riled  
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At this point it’s no surprise that anyone who makes reality TV will step across any line in the sand to get eyeballs. In this modern age, integrity and respect are only afterthoughts. MTV is no stranger to this with its multiple bewildering ad campaigns for its equally bewildering programs like Roadies and Splitsvilla. Well, their new show is called ‘Hustle’, it’s based on rap, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop doing insensitive things for views.




MTV released an ad for the show (that has since been removed) which poked fun at a character with a speech impediment. Azadi Records’ Mo Joshi brought this to light in a post on social media, talking about how their signee Tienas has struggled with a stutter for most of his professional life. He also spoke about how he has almost completely overcome his speech issues, dealing with having it on stage and major confidence issues along the way. While Tienas is now a well-regarded artist and a much more confident person, examples like his are important to other people suffering from such problems. But obviously, inspiration is not a priority for MTV. Who cares about your life as long as they get you to watch whatever they make? It is not hip hop for sure!




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