• Sat, Jun 19, 2021

Mumbai Artist Outfly Is Moody And Nocturnal On New Single

Jun 09, 05:01pm

‘Resurface’ deals in shades of neon

Between the wobbly sub bass and the pounding drums of songwriter-producer Maharshi Jani’s (Outfly is his artist name) new single ‘Resurface’, there’s a soft, quiet and contemplative pop tune complete with warm guitars and some nice harmonies. Now yes, using that contrast is far from new. People have been setting ‘calm’ and ‘cool’ sounds against pounding drums and dance-y bass for what seems like a long time now, but Outfly does lend this songwriting idea his charm.

Most of what makes this track is its moody, synth-inspired vibe. The synths work well with his vocals and the bass. The brooding lava-lamp bass sound is noteworthy; it anchors everything and gives it that tinge of what one might speculatively call rainy night-music. He also uses guitars to great effect, inserting short melodies, solos and lead sections to give the song some much-needed brightness. His judicious production also come through well. Everything sounds crystal clear but not devoid of personality. In terms of the song’s structure, Maharshi keeps the hooks quiet and the overall arrangement relatively sparse. This isn’t a case of things being drenched in reverb or filled with a bunch of awkward sounds. ‘Resurface’ is actually quite simple in presentation, and that’s why it uses its small toolkit of sounds well. This is a song to chill to and to work to, and Outfly shows his chops.


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