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Pratik Tushar Loves The Desert On New Single

Nov 11, 05:25pm

‘Electric Wine’ is sludgy, hypnotic and quite the fun listen

Pratik Tushar is a Bangalore-based songwriter and guitar player. He does speak of himself as someone primarily in the rock n’ roll space, but his new single ‘Electric Wine’ is – wait for it – an instrumental riff-based tune that approaches something akin to stoner rock. That isn’t something you find every day, especially in today’s world of singer-songwriter pop music, prog metal fusion and floods of new rappers. ‘Electric Wine’ is a ponderous, quite hypnotic and rather calming song, and that takes some doing.

It’s all about the sound here. The song comes in at just under three minutes, so Pratik doesn’t give himself much time to showcase his wares. There also isn’t too much in the way of structuring; the song alternates between two to three riffs, one a bit groovier and one opening up with some expansive chords. But all this is almost academic. It’s about the sound, and this is where Pratik nails it. The guitar tone is oh-so warm and sun-baked, the bass is the same and the drums are delightfully raw. The mix is a bit too good at times, given that bands like Kyuss got their signature desert-y sound by recording their music in a DIY fashion, but that does not hold the track back. ‘Electric Wine’ absolutely does conjure up fanciful images of desert rocks, unrelenting heat and that one solitary road that happens to be in the picture. For what it is setting out to do, that is a success.


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