• Thu, Sep 28, 2023

Project Oversight Prove The Existence Of Bands

Oct 20, 05:27pm

It turns out that a collection of musicians is not a thing of the past just yet

The facts are thus: Project Oversight is a four-piece from Delhi. The band consists of a bassist, a guitarist, a drummer and a vocalist. They make rock music with a slightly progressive bent, and they’re great players for their young age. No, this is not a dream, so don’t pretend to be asleep. There are new rock bands! In today’s age of bedroom producers and everyone who can make a song going solo, the band setup by its very nature is a bit inefficient, or at least that’s what some think. But the magic you get when a group of people share their lives and musical moments together is all its own, and Project Oversight’s single ‘Nobody Knows’ has that in spades.

First off, let the record state that ‘Nobody Knows’ is a great song in essence. There are some nice riffs from guitarist Pranay Verma, a tinge of the progressive a la Karnivool, and some really nice clean vocals from frontman Vedant Shandilya. The mix is also absolutely top notch, with some great guitar layering and some strings for a touch of the dramatic. The track goes through a series of calm and heavy sections, but that moment when the band really tunes in is in the song’s bridge. Everything really comes together here; tight grooves courtesy Priyansh Gupta on bass and Aman Suneja on drums, some nice chords, and some very nice vocals. This leads to a great chorus (which in itself a lovely little bit of writing). The thing about this track is that you can tell that four real people came together to write it, and the results are top-shelf. ‘Nobody Knows’, nobody miss.


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