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Riffs Abound On The New Single From Mumbai Artist Arrows

May 21, 12:41pm

‘Hello Cheater’ is a strong dose of that early-2000s rock we all know and love

Arrows is a pretty interesting project, headed and conceptualized by David Britto. It’s based in Mumbai and how it works is that David writes music and gets collaborators on board to perform them with him. It’s a nice concept and naturally results in a good variety of music that is made. This here new tune ‘Hello Cheater’ features The Lightyears Explode is in a space we love (and have for a while), which is the ol’ melodramatic garage rock world. This sound had its birth in the late 90s-early 2000s and has been seeing a sort of resurgence of late; ‘Hello Cheater’ is yet another little bit of riffage to enjoy.

The song is barely two and a half minutes long, so it’s not like it wastes any time getting to the point. The point, of course, is a riff and a groove that kicks it all off. It’s urgent, it’s pretty raw and it’s produced really professionally (no surprises here but still notable). The Lightyears Explode contribute here by way of performing the song with signature aggression and dedication to their genre. Rock is often overlooked as a hype generator in today’s world of excessively loud 808s (most of the time) but it has an urgency and an aggressive sound a lot of new listeners are going to find… a bit novel? To most people, the combination of the pulsing kicks of the verse and the spot-on vocals will sound comfortable, familiar and a whole lot of fun, but if you are new to this kind of music, you’re going to have a hell of a time. Welcome!


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