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Seedhe Maut Season Is Here Again

Jul 01, 05:43pm

‘Naamcheen’ is a banger with a great video. Do these two ever miss?
 Photo Courtesy: Samrat Nagar

It’s almost like every once in a while, Delhi duo Seedhe Maut puts out a song that is custom-made to just have a blast to. ‘Naamcheen’ (which means notorious) is another one of these, and whether you enjoy their music and production or not, you have to at least respect their consistency. They carry themselves well, their cocky writing never sounds particularly corny (they’ve backed it up with the fact that pretty much everyone knows who they are, of course) and while couched in a bunch of smart metaphors, they always tell their own personal life stories in the most entertaining way. ‘Naamcheen’ has all this and a really fun music video to boot.

The video is done in the style of an 8-bit side-scrolling action game and yes, Encore and Calm’s verses are filled with reflections, some hilarious turns of phrase and a whole lot of personality, but the vibe the song has is its best attribute. The flute sample is great. The drums are built for a great time. Their delivery goes from quiet to loud and brash multiple times over the course of the track, and lines like Mile pehle ni par jaanti naam wo are typically fun. Firr Roach bana boarding pass ka is also especially entertaining; your thoughts on the humour and confidence can be whatever you want them to, but certain bars like this sometimes cut through all that. In fact, one might say that ‘Naamcheen’ does that as a song to an extent. It isn’t particularly about ‘ehh Indian rap is this and that’ or ‘I don’t like the way they speak’ or any opinion about the scene as a whole. This is just almost three minutes of pure fun, and no one can argue with that.


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