• Sat, Jun 22, 2024

'Serendipity' Is Just An Innocent, Clean Bit Of Fun From Anunyaa Iyer

Sep 22, 04:55pm

Easy to listen to, easy to relate to

This is going to be short and sweet. Anunyaa Iyer doesn’t have much streamable music under her belt; ‘Serendipity’ is only her second single. It’s one of these songs that actively loses almost all of its charm if one sits and analyses it, so we’re not going to. We’re just going to recommend it. It’s a nice, simple song. That should be good enough for you, no?

Fine, maybe we’ll describe the song just a little. There’s a strong piano, strong vocals and that’s about it; some strings make a short appearance for a bit of added colour. Anunyaa doesn’t use a big driving rhythm or any sort of overbearing pulse, really; she plays the piano in a languid, free fashion which is interesting; very much a ‘live’ vibe. Her vocal delivery is also focused largely on atmosphere and delivering her lyrics, which are quite sweet and inoffensive. ‘Serendipity’ is just an agreeable song on all fronts; it’s extremely stripped back and doesn’t really have much to it beyond a pleasant melody, which is quite a refreshing change of pace if you’ve been listening to dense and complex arrangements lately. And that’s where we’re going to stop ‘reviewing’ this. Go and listen to it already.


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